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About the Central Coastal Board

The Central Coastal Board (CCB) was formed under the Coastal Management Act 1995 and reports to the Minister for Environment and Climate Change. The CCB is one of three regional coastal planning advisory bodies – the other two are the Western Coastal Board and the Gippsland Coastal Board.

The role of the CCB is to ensure co-ordination, planning and management of the coast and marine environment for long term sustainability in Victoria’s central coastal region.

The Victorian Coastal Council (VCC) is the statewide umbrella organisation for integrated coastal management in Victoria and is responsible for developing the Victorian Coastal Strategy every five years.

The CCB is responsible for developing the Regional Coastal Plan which guides and facilitates the implementation of the Victorian Coastal Strategy and approved coastal policy and guidelines in the region. See our web page on Regional Coastal Plans for more detail.

The CCB does not have a core works budget but seeks funding for specific projects and research and will work with other organisations to achieve shared objectives.